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Welcome to  Omni Risk Management,  the home of due diligence, safety and security.

ORM was formed to bridge the gap in information and available due diligence which exists when doing business between East and West. Our experience and links in both regions allow us to provide our clients with unique insights which often remain unseen.

When doing business in differing parts of the world, it is vital that there is a sufficient exchange of information between parties to enable all those concerned to make a fully informed decision as to whether to accept a new customer, exact a merger between companies, or to expand into a new region.

We all accept that there is a commercial and ultimately a financial risk to any transaction, however, at ORM we specialize in reducing and helping you to manage that risk wherever possible and ensuring our clients have access to any and all relevant information, by utilizing our due diligence process.

We have a range of due diligence and risk management services and products which ensure our clients receive comprehensive information when itís needed and the very best of service at all times.

At Omni Risk Management, we have access to a wealth of data, which can bring not only financial pictures to life, but also illuminate potential economic and political risks to allow you to make an ever more informed and accurate assessment.

With offices in both Hong Kong and the UK, we can provide our clients with key insights into UK  and Asian industrial, commercial and investment sectors, with accurate and informative due diligence on the issues which affect you and your ability to do business with the least amount of risk.

Due Diligence, Safety, Security

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Welcome to Omni Risk Management, home of full company & economic due diligence